Our Success Stories

At G-Flow Drain Services, we take pride in the success stories we create with our valued customers. Here’s a recent account that highlights how our expert drainage solutions made a significant impact

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Persistent Blockages Resolved.

One of our valued customers was facing the frustration of recurring blockages in their drainage system. Upon conducting a meticulous investigation, our team discovered a specific challenge: foul waste was exiting to a small 4-inch swan neck gully, leading to the accumulation of tissue and waste in the bend. Our skilled technicians immediately devised a strategic plan to address the root cause. The team efficiently exposed the problematic swan neck gully, removing the section causing the obstruction. In its place, we installed a straight-through pipe, ensuring a seamless flow and preventing future accumulation issues.

The implementation of this targeted solution resulted in the complete restoration of free flow within the drainage system. Our customer experienced relief from the persistent blockages, and the issue was effectively resolved. The success of this project showcased G-Flow’s commitment to providing not just quick fixes, but tailored and lasting solutions for our customers.

Success Story 2

Swift Resolution for a Dublin City Centre Restaurant.

G-Flow Drain Services showcased efficiency and expertise in swiftly resolving a drain blockage at a bustling restaurant in Dublin City Centre. Our investigative efforts revealed an unusual culprit: concrete that had infiltrated the drains from nearby renovation activities. Upon identifying the source of the blockage, our experienced team immediately took action. Leveraging high-pressure jetting technology, we systematically broke down the concrete and unblocked the lines, ensuring the restoration of free flow within the restaurant’s drainage system.

G-Flow Drain Services’ swift response and targeted solution resulted in the complete elimination of the drain blockage. The restaurant, once hindered by the issue, experienced uninterrupted drainage, allowing them to focus on their operations without disruption.

Success Story 3

G-Flow's Unique Solution to an Unusual Challenge.

At G-Flow Drain Services, every day presents a new challenge, and our team excels in providing innovative solutions. We were recently called to address a blocked drain, but what we discovered upon inspection went beyond the typical blockage scenario. A family of rats had created an entry point on the side of the AJ, turning the drain into their home. Our experienced team approached the situation with care and expertise. Recognizing the need for a humane solution, we carefully removed the baby rats and ensured their safe relocation. To prevent future intrusions, we took proactive measures by securing the entry point with a combination of wire mesh and concrete.

For a lasting and effective solution, we went a step further by installing a rat flap in the drainage line. This innovative device allows any remaining rats to exit through the drain pipe but prevents them from returning. The result is a rodent-free drainage system, providing our customer with peace of mind.

Success Story 4

Custom Solutions for a Persistent Blockage.

At G-Flow Drain Services, our commitment to finding tailored solutions is exemplified in a recent success story involving a customer with a recurring blockage in an inspection chamber. Through a thorough investigation, we identified a badly fractured section of 9” vitrified clay, leading to paper and waste accumulation and causing the drain to back up. Our skilled team recognized the need for a customized solution. We proceeded to custom-install a part liner, addressing the reduction in pipe size to 6” and transitioning to PVC half a meter downstream. Additionally, we meticulously corrected the benching below the inlet pipe using rapid-set cement, resolving the contributing issue.

The implementation of these custom solutions resulted in a lasting repair of the drainage system. The customer experienced relief from the persistent blockage, and the corrected benching added to the overall improved functionality of the inspection chamber.

Ready to Transform Your Drainage Story?

If you’re facing persistent blockages or unique drainage challenges, G-Flow Drain Services is ready to create a success story tailored to your needs. Our expert team specializes in customized solutions that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring lasting results.